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Competence and Compliance

A crucial part of the Data Factory is the expertise it can muster. Aside from cutting-edge infrastructure and compute power, every successful project relies on technical and legal know-how.

The Data Factory provides expertise on how to set up data factories as well as legal and strategic knowledge and frameworks. 

Legal Expert Group

The ongoing work with the Data Factory demonstrates a growing need for expertise in how to deal with the legal aspects of data sharing and model training. To meet this need AI Sweden set up a group of legal experts to explore challenging legal questions related to AI, data sharing and GDPR. 

The Legal Expert Group consists of a number of legal experts from our partners who discuss legal questions related to AI and data. They are collaborating in an effort to produce, for example, white papers, guidelines and/or common interpretations and solutions for legal issues that could benefit all partners within AI Sweden.

Infrastructure expert group

AI Sweden is also creating an expert group for infrastructure know-how among Swedish AI computer centers. The purpose is to share knowledge and experiences around building and operating larger, multi-user AI centers for research and development. The network will identify common challenges, needs and interests. From this they will build knowledge in this little-explored domain in order to accelerate learning, use and secure, efficient operations. This will increase the possibilities of collaboration, and connect key resources across Sweden. 

Starting topics for discussion and knowledge sharing:

  • Building infrastructure, hardware and peripherals
  • Safety and security policies, cyber and information security
  • User models and policies for accessing common resources
  • Scheduling, scaling, efficient use of overcapacity
  • User interfaces
  • Studies of usage and user patterns
  • Training and learning within ethics and technologies

Want to engage?

If you are an AI Sweden partner and are interested in participating, please contact us.

Legal: Ebba Josefson Lindqvist and Josefine Rembsgård

Infrastructure: Niclas Fock

Project Manager, LLM

Ebba Josefson Lindqvist

Legal coordinator, LLM

Josefine Rembsgård

Head of Talent Programs

Niclas Fock