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Data Factory

Through the Data Factory, we accelerate the development of Swedish AI, by provide technology, infrastructure and know-how to make data accessible to AI researchers and developers.

While traditional statistics is built on “small” data sets, the problems of modern AI cannot be handled in the same way. AI requires: computational resources (infrastructure, time/memory) and informational resources (data). Through the Data Factory, we supply the Swedish AI eco-system with infrastructure and data. We also provide other much needed resources, such as legal frameworks to manage classified data, anonymized data, and health data.

The resources provided by the Data Factory will be available to all partners, across geographical boundaries and in accordance with the terms & conditions for each dataset.

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  • Ebba Josefson Lindqvist

    Project Manager Data Factory

    ebba [dot] josefson [at] ai [dot] se 46 (0) 732 54 29 03