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Volvo Highway Dataset

The dataset is made for the development of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Volvo Autonomous Solutions has collected several highway scenes in the Gothenburg region. The datasets include 29 000 annotated camera images. The dataset is manually annotated by Annotell.


Volvo Highway Dataset Description

License Terms


  • Annotations: 

    • Freespace: Each frame has a corresponding json annotation consisting of a polygon of the drivable space in the scene.

    • Lanes: Each frame has the lane lines, lane markings on road, road edges annotated to understand the drivable area or parking area for autonomous vehicles on the road.

    • Vehicles: Each frame has a corresponding annotation file which consists of the bounding box annotations of the vehicles in the scene. The vehicles are classified into categories such as car, heavy motor vehicle, 2-wheelers, buses etc.

  • Quality of the dataset: real-world, challenging. 

  • Use Cases: 

    • Object detection and classification.

    • Lane detection.

    • Freespace detection.