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Adipocyte Cell Imaging Dataset

The dataset consists of images of the adipocytes (fat cells) taken using transmission light microscopy. The images will be provided in the form of tif files. There are three sets of images corresponding to three different magnification settings (20x, 40x and 60x) of the microscope. For each field of view there will be seven bright field images (transmission light images) for different values of focal planes, and three different fluorescence images corresponding to labelling of nuclei, lipocytes and cell matrix respectively. There are 50-100 images for each magnification setting. Each image is 2156 by 2556 pixels in size, using 16 bits to represent each pixel value.


Adipocyte Cell Imaging Dataset Description

License Terms


  • Quality of the dataset: real-world, highly challenging.

  • Use Cases: 

    • Reconstructing the current bright field adipocyte images into deep learning enhanced new images that exhibit e.g., improved resolution, field-of-view, depth-of-field etc., statistically matching the images that would be expected from a higher-end imaging systems which are quite expensive.

    • The transmission light images do provide information about cellular organization, but they lack the clear contrast of fluorescence labeling which limits their use. But fluorescence labeling can be labor intensive and time consuming. An AI can be used to transform the brightfield images to fluorescence images. This can be used in determining the location of 3D structures inside the cell, directly from transmitted light images.