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Our team

AI Sweden consists of project leaders, AI researchers, data scientists and legal competence - we are both specialists and generalists. But no matter our field of expertise, we all share the conviction that we can improve the lives of all people living in Sweden by using AI.

Co-Director Operations

Martin Svensson

Co-Director Scientific Vision

Daniel Gillblad

Head of Project Portfolio

Johanna Bergman

Head of Communications and Public Affairs

Mikael Ljungblom

Acting Head of Training

Raquel Sanchez

Legal coordinator

Josefine Rembsgård

Mats Nordlund
Head of Data Factory

Mats Nordlund

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Agneta Jacobson

Head of AI Transformation

Conny Svensson

Strategic Partnerships and partner programs

Major Impact Initiatives

Kye Andersson

Startup Program Manager

Katarina Fégeant

Startup Program

Sandor Albrecht

Strategic Program Manager

Peter Kurzwelly

Project Manager - Eye for AI / International Relations Coordinator

Ivana von Proschwitz

Applied AI Research

Data and Infrastructure Lead Applied Language Technology

Love Börjeson

Research Lead Applied Language Technology

Magnus Sahlgren

Head of Research Decentralized AI

Ather Gattami

Project Management

Project Manager

Erik Wilson

Project Manager

Vanja Carlén

Project Manager

Anders Thoresson

Project Manager (Stockholm stad)

Anna Hörlén

Project Manager Swedish Space Data Lab

Conny Hökfors

Project Manager

Gustav P Lundberg

Project Manager

Karolina Söderlind

Project Manager

Karima Kandi

AI Change Agent Healthcare

Henrik Ahlén

Node Contacts

Eco-system and Node Manager Gothenburg

Helena Theander

Eco-system and Node Manager Stockholm

Petra Dalunde

Eco-system and Node Manager South

Malin Larsson

Eco-system and Node Manager East

Niclas Fock

Eco-system and Node Manager North

Patrik Isaksson

Eco-system and Node Manager Örebro

Camilla Ulvmyr

Senior Project Manager

Mikael Klintberg

Senior Project Manager

Karin Ackerholm

Senior Project Manager

Anders OE Johansson

Regional representative (Västernorrland)

Lars Persson Skandevall

Regional representative (Västerbotten)

Johnny Högberg


Communication Strategist

Karin Vajta Engström

Martin Modhig Karlsson porträtt
Communications Officer

Martin Modigh Karlsson

Communications Officer

Lisa Kjellgren Holmfrid

Event Coordinator

Ingrid Geeraedts

Data Factory

Project Manager

Ebba Josefson Lindqvist

Ola Eriksson
Technical Advisor

Ola Eriksson

Project Manager Edge Lab

Kim Henriksson

Senior Data Scientist

Vinutha Magal Shreenath

Systems Engineer

Erik Waenerlund

Systems Engineer

Leo Rönnebro

Senior Data Scientist

Erik Svensson

Senior advisors

Senior Advisor

Lars Lindsköld

Senior Advisor

Mats Hanson

Senior Advisor

Göran Lindsjö

Advisor, Healthcare & Society

Markus Lingman

Senior Advisor

Aurore Belfrage