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AI Sweden Brand and Design Guidelines

Brand and design guidelines for AI Sweden – logo guidelines and downloads, colors, fonts, presentations and more.

Page updated 2023-06-28.

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Our primary logo is AI Sweden yellow. Use it on dark backgrounds (photos, patterns or solids).

Secondary logo is AI Sweden dark blue. Use it on white/lighter backgrounds (photos, patterns or solids).

Our logo should not be used outlined on strong patterns or on top of photos that doesn't allow for good reading of the text. See examples.




Do not use yellow logo on bright white or any yellows, especially not in presentations or video, due to readability.

Do not use logo over "busy" photos or illustrations. Instead, use a colored plate or overlay as shown below.


Logo Spacing

The minimum spacing around the logo should be no less than equal to the I's width in the logo. Preferred spacing is the I times two.



Colors in HEX (web/office), RGB (screen/office/print), CMYK (print) and NCS (interior color) translations.

A note on the yellow/primary color: use it sparingly as it is such a strong color. 

For members of AI Sweden slack workspace: type "!colors" to yourself or in a channel on slack and you'll get the HEX codes from slackbot.

Primary: Yellow #FECB00 RGB 254,203,0 CMYK 1,19,100,0 Primary: Black-blue #121F2B RGB 18,31,43 CMYK 86,73,56,68 Dark blue #004D66 RGB 0,77,102 CMYK 96,64,41,25 (NCS S 7020-B) Blue #007399 RGB 0,115,153 CMYK 89,47,24,3 Gray #F4F2E6 RGB 244,242,230 CMYK 3,2,9,0 (NCS S 1002-Y) Light-gray/off-white #FFFEFA RGB 255,254,250 CMYK 0,0,0,1,0 BLACK #000000 WHITE #FFFFFF


All headers use font and weight Greycliff Heavy. In presentations, use capital letters for headers except for scenarios with very long titles.

All body styles use font and weight Greycliff Regular.

Weights like bold and italic are only used sparingly in menus and legends.

Sizes for standard documents and presentations.

Imagery – photos and illustrations

The images we choose to represent and illustrate AI Sweden should reflect what we are and want to be as an organization. We collaborate in everything we do and lead the way with speed and boldness. AI to us is a tool for positive societal change, available here and now. AI is neither futuristic nor Matrix.

So, whether searching on Unsplash, planning a photo shoot, or prompting images from a generative AI tool, here are some do's and don'ts to make sure the images we use are in line with AI Sweden's overall tone of voice.

Do Don't
Here and now Future/sci-fi
People Robots and brains
Diversity Masculine/bro-ey
Human/Natural environments (city, country & nature) Server parks and circuit boards
Sweden Matrix / Ones and zeros
Our color palette Green text on black

Note. Regardless of the source of the photo/image, it's important to always give proper credits. Here are a couple of examples on how to do it:

For photos by AI Sweden
© AI Sweden. Photo: Photographer Name (Not always necessary to display, depending on contract with photographer)

For external, licensed photos
Photo: Janki Ferlic on Unsplash (link to specific photo, not just

For AI generated images
Image: Stable Diffusion / Prompt: [Insert your full prompt here.]

In our presentation template (download below) you find examples of images ready for use and for learning our look and feel.

We also provide photos and PNG logos for external use on our Press and media page.

Files for download

AI Sweden | General presentation

AI Sweden General Presentation. This file is for use by AI Sweden staff – convert to PDF for distribution. Keep downloading it for every new use case to be sure you have the latest version.

Download v. 3.0.1

v. 3.0.1, 2023-06-28
AI Sweden around the office

AI Sweden | General presentation (Svenska)

AI Sweden General Presentation in Swedish. This file is for use by AI Sweden staff – convert to PDF for distribution. Keep downloading it for every new use case to be sure you have the latest version.

Download v. 2.0.16

v. 2.0.15, 2023-03-30

AI Sweden | Template presentation

Presentation template with layouts, examples and instructions. This template is for internal use. Keep downloading it for every new use case to be sure you have the latest version.


v1.2, 2022-07-08

AI Sweden | Word template

Word template with headings, typography and margins. This template is for internal use.
N.B. You need to install the Greycliff typeface.

In the package there is one template file and one file with examples.


v1.0, 2022-06-27

AI Sweden Partner prospect

You can download and read about our offerings in the AI Sweden Partner prospect. Please ensure that you refer to the latest version.

Download v.1.0.2


AI Sweden font face

AI Sweden font face Greycliff CF.

N.B. The ZIP-file is password protected – ask your own handle (@your name) in our Slack workspace about the "font-face password" and ye will receive an answer.


AI Sweden Logotype

ZIP file with all versions in PNG format, transparent background (for use in presentations, online etc.).

- Primary yellow
- Secondary black-blue
- Complementary black and white


For questions

Max Ahlborn - Head of Brand - AI Sweden
Head of Brand

Max Ahlborn