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AI Maturity Assessment Tool

Are you wondering how your organization can start working with AI, or how to take your work to the next level? The first step is to assess your current situation, to be able to benchmark improvements and identify what areas to focus on. AI Sweden’s AI Maturity Assessment Tool is the place to start!

AI Maturity Assessment Tool

AI Sweden offers an assessment tool that helps organizations understand which strategically important areas need to be strengthened to work with AI successfully and systematically:

  • Ambition
  • Use cases
  • Data
  • Technology
  • Organization
  • Ecosystem
  • Expertise
  • Culture
  • Execution

The tool provides an overview of where your organization currently stands and helps you identify the best roadmap for your AI journey.  

Is the tool right for your organization?

  • Have you begun exploring AI and wondering how to scale up the work in multiple parts of the organization?
  • Are you setting guidelines for your work with AI and want to understand what should be included?
  • Do you have a vision and a strategy for working with AI but need to find routines and processes for the longer term?
  • Would you like to know how you compare to your competitors and peers?
  • Do you have AI solutions in your production and embedded in your entire organization, but need to identify bottlenecks to scale up further?
  • Do you want to know where to invest resources in skills development and recruitment?

AI Sweden provides this online tool for all organizations that want to do a maturity assessment. We offer our partners support prior to the survey as well as a follow-up workshop focused on how to use AI strategically.

What the tool can help with

  • Enable a clear strategic focus for continuous work with AI by providing a benchmark and a shared understanding of the current situation.
  • Measure your organization’s AI maturity level.
  • Provide an overview of what parts of the organization that need to be reinforced to be able to level up the work with AI.
  • Identify and measure AI maturity within the nine different areas that are strategically important for an AI mature organization.
  • Compare your organization’s AI maturity with competitors or peers on a national and EU level.
  • Synchronize and streamline the AI progress in different parts of your organization.

The picture illustrates the organization’s maturity level within the strategically important areas for AI implementation. You can also see if different parts of the organisation have responded differently and thereby identify knowledge or information gaps as well as being able to see how you are positioned in comparison to other organizations within the same field of operations.

What is AI maturity?

It is possible to measure how AI-mature an organization is but first we need to understand what we mean by this. Below you can see that there are five levels – from the organizations that have to begin their AI journey those that are a part of the development and innovation.



The tool is developed by AppliedAI at UnternehmerTUM in Germany together with over 100 organizations.

  • It is available in four languages – English, Swedish, German and French.
  • It is used in nine EU countries.
  • Free to use for all Swedish organizations.

AI Maturity Assessment Tool (svenska)

Information om bedömningsverktyget för AI-mognad hjälper organisationer att förstå vilka fokusområden de behöver förstärka för att lyckas med införandet av AI - Ambition, Anvädningsfall, Data, Teknik, Organisation, Ekosystem, Expertis, Kultur och Utförande.

Demos and contact

The AI Maturity Assessment Tool is developed by appliedAI at UnternehmerTUM, Munich. AI Sweden is the host of the tool in Sweden.

To get a feel for the full AI Maturity Assessment Tool – from opening an account and setting everything up to an overview of the report – have a go at the appliedAI learning environment demo. Note, this is a demo only and not the full assessment tool. If you do decide to do a full assessment together with AI Sweden, this is done on another platform.

→ appliedAI assessment tool demo
→ appliedAI privacy policy

Alternatively, if you want to understand how the tool is designed and what the participants will be asked to respond to, have a look at this demo survey. Again, this too is just a demo, not the actual assessment tool.

→ appliedAI assessment survey demo

When you're ready and want to do a full assessment together with AI Sweden or have further questions, please contact Petra Dalunde, AI Change Agent.

Node Manager Stockholm

Petra Dalunde