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A 45 minute AI-introduction for leaders

AI Sweden, together with two of its partners, Sana Labs and Peltarion, launches The 45-minute introduction to AI for leaders — available for free in mobile phones for everyone. 


The reason for this initiative is that the majority of changes and decisions that need to take place for society to transition into an AI-first future lie outside the realm of scientists and technologists. Broad understanding of AI is absolutely critical for our ability to make the right future decisions for businesses and society. 

The 45-minute introduction to AI will give you an overview of the future potential of AI, through tangible examples and first-hand experiences. It will also provide you with a sufficient understanding of how AI functions to make correct choices about the next steps needed on the AI journey for yourself or your organization. 


Give me the introduction now!

Do I really need to understand Artificial Intelligence? Isn't that  something for tech people and researchers?

To disregard AI as research or technological challenge is a very common line of reasoning. But while the inner details of how to build AI may very well be something that we leave to the experts, the potential of its use is something that will affect us all. Because AI is all about making the difficult easier and more accessible. 

“This year we’ve upskilled over 70 000 healthcare workers, to step into intensive care treatment of COVID-19 patients.  Nurses did not only reimagine how to deliver online learning in a time of crisis, but also how to drive the future of learning for hospital systems today. To date we’ve served over 2,000 hospitals and clinics in 80 countries. It’s a fantastic example of how AI can help make things that used to be slow and tedious, faster, better and smoother.” - Anna Nordell, CMO and co-founder of Sana Labs

AI will change our world more than any other technology we have seen before. AI will save millions, and improve the lives of billions. It will fundamentally impact health, food production, energy, business and creativity. Everywhere. Across the planet. AI will allow us to do things we haven’t even thought were possible.

“We see repeatedly what happens when we make it easy for domain experts to use AI in their respective fields. Previously unsolved problems and new solutions are suddenly quickly turned into reality. It’s really an amazing thing to see.” - Luka Crnkovic-Friis, CEO & co-founder of Peltarion

AI is an area that we all will benefit from having a basic understanding about. So that we can make informed decisions in our businesses, our everyday lives and for our future.


Distribution of knowledge and power is the foundation of democracy!

This was the shared belief that led to the creation of A 45-minute introduction to AI– a joint effort between Peltarion, Sana Labs and AI Sweden.

“It doesn’t matter what you work with or what education you have — everyone has the potential to be a leader into a better future. Our hope is that this initiative can provide a first democratic easy step for everyone to join in.” - Kye Andersson, Major Impact Initiatives, AI Sweden

The mission of AI Sweden is to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of society, our competitiveness, and for everyone living in Sweden. In order to achieve that, distribution of knowledge is key. 

One of AI Sweden's founding partners is Peltarion, who provides a deep learning platform that puts the power of AI in the hands of domain experts. As you can understand the distribution of knowledge and power is nothing new to Peltarion, and it's core to their vision AI everywhere advancing humankind. This was a no-brainer for them. The contents of this initiative was created by Peltarion, and given for free to this initiative.

Sana Labs, is also a partner of AI Sweden. Sana Labs brings the benefits of AI to workforce learning, by providing the world’s leading platform for personalized learning. Sana makes upskilling and reskilling fast and easy, constantly guided by their vision to personalize learning for everyone, everywhere. Sana Labs is happy to provide their learning platform for free to this initiative.

We hope that you take the next 45 minutes to gain a better understanding of how to relate to AI and how to think about the future. 

Thank you for contributing to democracy and the future. Please do share with others and help distribute knowledge and power. 

I want the introduction now please!