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Work packages and time plan

The project is divided into five work packages

Work package 1: Needs and market analysis

Identification of the concrete needs for improved testing opportunities, and development of a defined and clearly formulated social challenge that the test bed developer and the testers have a common interest in solving.

Timetable: 200518 - 200925 


Work package 2: Intelligence analysis

Mapping of test beds currently in progress to ensure that the need to test within the intended area has not already been satisfied, and coordination of notes of interest from the parties interested in serving as testers.

Timetable: 200518 - 201030


Work Package 3: Equality analysis

Mapping and analysis work on how the test bed should be designed to contribute to increased equality and integrate prioritised equality aspects based on the needs of the target group.

Timetable: 200620 - 200920


Work package 4: System analysis

A clear overview of existing data and action plan for system owners regarding data collection and governance principles and recommendation of interim storage and other preparations required to establish a future test bed.

Timetable: 200601 - 201030


Work package 5: Plan for moving forward

Final report of the preparatory project that includes well grounded decision-making documentation so that it can be realised and implemented in a future test bed within the administration.

Timetable: 201102 - 201218


Project Manager

Erik Wilson