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AI Challenge Submission Form

Do you have an AI Challenge?

Let us at AI Sweden know. Please fill in the form, where you describe the use-case and what data you have at hand and we will post it at our platform and match you with suitable applicants. 

The Swedish platform that connects AI-research groups with top Swedish industries. 

The match-making site where we let Swedish AI-research groups and startups get in contact with industry R&D groups, in dire need of your help. 

If you have any questions and thoughts, contact us directly at:

Please fill in your contact details. This will not be shared with anyone outside AI Sweden and is for us to get in contact with you. You can read our privacy policy here:

Fill in the use-case. What is the purpose of the challenge and what do you hope to achieve?
Describe what data you have available. How big is the data set, what type of data, and is documentation in place? How much of the data is annotated?
Describe what field of expertise you are looking for. (E.g. signal processing, deep learning researchers, simulation expertise or model/algorithm developers)