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Optimisation of Antenna Beam formation


Challenge Description:

To optimize energy usage in the new 5G network there is a great opportunity for better beam formation. Help us approach and improve this challenge and have your work rolled out globally.

Be part of our Stockholm-based research group and work alongside us. You’ll get access to useful experimental data and licensing tools for simulations, while we confirm models and results in our lab facilities.

Data Set Description:

  • Receiver - Time-series data on signal strengths based on pre-defined conditions and for 5x various receiver antenna standards.
  • Transmitter-side - 3x fully controllable 5x-patch antenna base stations.

Expected Field of Expertise:

  • Signal processing and algorithm development.

Ideal outcome:

  • Opportunity to publish your work and have it enabled in 5G base stations across the globe.

Challenge contact owner

If you are interested in getting in contact to discuss this further, send an email to and answer the following questions:

  • Name and organisation (if applicable).
  • Previous solutions and resarch (if applicable) (eg. link to academic page, Linkedin or repo).
  • Describe why you are a great fit.