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More accurate precipitation models based on mobile phone mast data


Challenge Description:

Help us create more accurate precipitation models based on our data set received from collaboration with a partner company.

Farmers need more accurate participation models to plan fieldwork and activities. The number of weather stations in Sweden is shrinking. This data set opens a huge opportunity if we (you) will be able to correlate antenna signal strength data, with our verified precipitation measurements.

Data Set Description:

  • Time-series of signal strengths between 1000 base station connected coordinates.
  • 100 weather station with precipitation time series data connected to coordinates.

Over 2-years time and 567-days with precipitation.

Expected Field of Expertise:

  • Traditional Machine learning and deep learning skills.

Ideal outcome:

  • Publish your work, together with us, and see this model launched with international weather services.

Challenge contact owner

If you are interested in getting in contact to discuss this further, send an email to and answer the following questions:

  • Name and organisation (if applicable).
  • Previous solutions and resarch (if applicable) (eg. link to academic page, Linkedin or repo).
  • Describe why you are a great fit.