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AI Challenge Platform - DRAFT

Do you have the skills to solve an AI challenge? Maybe your organization is facing challenges in need of solutions?

AI Challenge Platform is a Swedish match-making initiative to help apply AI to real-world problems allowing you and your organization to solve published challenges or post your own.

Are you a Challenge owner?

Do you have an AI challenge that you want help solving? You can simply fill out the form below, or reach out to your local AI Sweden office.

AI Challenge Platform submission form

Are you a Challenge Solver?

As a first step, we are looking for challenge owners. After that, we will promote these challenges to AI challenge solvers. This is where you come in! 

The intention is for AI challenge solvers to start working side-by-side with the organization who owns the challenge. Prerequisites vary and will be defined within each challenge, and your contribution will be discussed directly with the challenge owner with the possibility of for example co-publishing scientific papers.


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What is this about?

The aim of the platform is to match Swedish AI solvers, like research groups, startups, solution owners, and consultants, with challenge owners such as industry actors, municipalities, authorities, etc. Connecting challenges with solvers has great potential for creating value and solving real-world problems.

Challenge owners with data, scope, and project ownership invite AI solvers to help uncover the best solutions and answers to their problems.