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Lunch seminars: Grow in your profession – learn more about AI

Learn how to apply AI in your work by joining our upcoming lunch seminars with academic partners sharing information about their AI courses and programs starting in fall 2023.

Lunch seminars: Grow in your profession – learn more about AI

There are several ways to learn about AI and how to apply it in your area of responsibility. A fantastic way is to join an academic course adapted for professionals.

For this reason, we have invited our academic partners to share information about their courses and/or programs starting in the fall of 2023. In April we had some of our Academic partners present their training offerings. They talked about: 

  • Why the courses and/or programs were developed
  • How it can help the participants to grow their professional lives
  • The new insights and learnings that the participants will gain

We recorded the sessions and most of them are now available below:

University West

Speaker: Fabian Hanning, senior lecturer at University West, project leader for ExSus.
Theme: Presentation of courses for professionals at University West within the framework of the education project ExSus - Expert Competence for sustainable and digitalized production. Fabian Hanning, senior lecturer at University West, project leader for ExSus.
→ Recording of presentation

Mälardalen University

Speaker: Stefan Eck
Theme: How AI meets industry needs: Mälardalen university’s AI courses for professionals in software development and industrial production. An overview of our wide range of university courses and MOOCs for professionals. More resources: AI MOOCS and AI Courses
→ Recording of presentation

Halmstad University

Speaker: Stefan Byttner, Associate professor, Project leader
Theme: MAISTR - Professional education in AI, Design and Innovation. The MAISTR program is directed towards professionals for continued education in AI (specifically Machine Learning), and business and service design based on AI. Read more about the program
→ Recording of presentation

University of Gothenburg

Speaker: Alan Said, Associate Prof. at the Department of Applied IT, Assistant head of Department, and Program coordinator of the Human-centered AI program.
Theme: Human-centered Artificial Intelligence - a new master's program at the University of Gothenburg. Read more about the program
→ Recording of presentation

Linnaeus University

Speaker: Diana Unander, research and project coordinator
Theme: Courses for professionals related to AI offered by Linnaeus University. During the presentation, we will present why we are working with courses for professionals, and the existing offering but also present the possibilities to create new courses. You will both get the university perspective and testimonials from former participants. 

Linköping University

Speaker: Fredrik Heintz, professor
Theme: Overview of AI-related education at Linköping University.

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Raquel Broman
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