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AI for social entrepreneurs

We are now launching a training initiative for social entrepreneurs aimed at increasing understanding of AI's possibilities and challenges through a combination of self-study and interactive workshops. It targets social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations, with no prior AI experience required.

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About the course

Do you want to learn how AI can improve your operations?

Starting this fall, AI Sweden, in collaboration with MinnaLearn and INCO, will offer the award-winning course "Elements of AI for Business." This is an extension of the popular online course Elements of AI but with more focus on joint discussions on relevant topics and practical experiments. The course is estimated to take about 20 hours over 4 weeks and consists of a combination of self-study and interactive workshops.

Aim and objectives

The purpose is to promote social innovation by increasing understanding of AI and knowledge about how new technology can contribute to driving social change and development. During the training, you will participate in AI discussions with colleagues, analyze business perspectives through an AI lens, and prototype solutions with AI tools.

After the training, you will:

  • Understand key AI concepts and distinguish between practical AI and science fiction.
  • Recognize the significance of machine learning techniques.
  • Understand the underlying techniques of neural networks.
  • Evaluate predictions and claims about the future of AI.
  • Understand AI's societal impact: algorithmic bias, AI-generated content, privacy, and employment.

Target group

The course is aimed at social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations.


  • Self-study on selected chapters from Elements of AI
  • 3 Workshops à 2.5 hours
  • Practical experiments with AI in your operations

Practical information




Self-study and three instructor-led workshops


Swedish is the main language but parts will be in English


No prior knowledge or experience with AI is required.


The course is free and has limited spots.

Organized by

AI Sweden facilitates the training in collaboration with MinnaLearn and INCO with support from

Elements of AI for Business teaching kit is a collection of content, templates, and tools for a trainer to run a learning program for business developers. MinnaLearn equips teams with the skills to build healthier workplaces where people thrive.

INCO believes bottom-up initiatives work best. Innovative responses often come from those closest to the problem, those who live it daily. These are the actionable, on-the-ground innovations that accelerate change.

Present in over 50 countries globally, we are building a new economy that is green, inclusive, and resilient. Since our founding, we have invested in and continue to support innovative businesses shaping the economy of tomorrow in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to ensure a better future today and for all.

We believe big things can happen when you don’t shy away from big ideas. We look for nonprofits, social enterprises, and civic entities that understand the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations and are working to address inequities at scale.

We support digital skills training for job seekers, equitable access to capital, and small and medium businesses—particularly in underrepresented communities.

Registration of interest

Fill out the form below to register interest. Confirmation and more information about the structure and final registration will be emailed later.

AI for Impact

This course is part of the project AI for Impact. Included in AI for Impact are:

  • A summer talent program in 2024, where students in AI and Machine Learning will carry out projects with social entrepreneurs and nonprofits. Participating organizations can apply with a project proposal to participate.
  • A hackathon where social entrepreneurs and nonprofits are invited to develop new use cases for AI within social good. More information about this will be published in the autumn of 2024.
  • Networking events and the course AI for social entrepreneurs aimed at increasing collaboration and knowledge within the sector.
Three young professionals in a meeting
AI Sweden, with funding from, is running the AI for Impact project, which aims to...


If you have any questions or concerns about this course, please do not hesitate to contact:

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Carl Norling Markai
Impact Initiative Developer
+46 (0)70-588 05 72