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AI for Boards

AI for Executives is launching a one-day course aimed at you as a board member to understand how your role is affected by the acceleration of AI adoption.

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About the course

AI is changing the way we do business, make decisions, measure success and manage our organisations. There is no industry, function or employee that is not affected by the possibilities of AI. Therefore, for boards to have relevant discussions, support their organisations to succeed, and challenge and make informed decisions, all board members need to be aware of the opportunities and implications of AI.

Aim and objectives of the course

This day focuses on increasing understanding of how AI affects your board work, important regulations to be aware of, and increased knowledge to be able to have relevant discussions and ask the right questions about transformative and long-term perspectives to management.

Among other things, you will gain insights, practical examples, and improved discussion skills around the topics of:

  • How the work of the board, and your role as a board member, changes with AI. 
  • Integration of AI strategy into the organization's long-term goals, vision, and mission.
  • Responsible AI - relevant ethics, legalities, privacy, accountability, reliability, security, inclusiveness and transparency.
  • AI adoption - tools, maturity, skills, and needs, as well as leading in uncertainty.
  • International outlook and application of AI in research, product development, marketing, sales, customer support, finance, HR, IT, etc.

This course is aimed at

The AI for Boards course is designed for boards and board members.


This full-day training consists of three blocks; strategy, transformation, and responsible AI.

Practical information




Teacher-led training on site


Swedish is the main language but parts will be in English


Active Board work


Fee per participant 12 000 SEK ex VAT.

Organized by

AI Sweden is developing this course as part of AI for Executives which is a national program for leaders, boards, and top teams in Swedish organizations. It is a unique collaboration between the contract education companies at Stockholm University, Gothenburg University, and Uppsala University, and the National Center for applied artificial intelligence, AI Sweden.

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Registration of interest

Please fill in the form below to pre-register for one of the two courses we offer. More details about the set-up, invoicing, and final registration will be sent by email later.

Are you instead interested in registering a larger group, e.g. a whole board? Please reach out to Anders Hagström.


If you have any questions or concerns about this course, please do not hesitate to contact Anders Hagström.


Phone: +46 (0) 768-96 06 12