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Presentation & documents


  • AI Innovation of Sweden – overview

    Published 20 May 2020

    A brief introduction to AI Innovation of Sweden.

    View (pdf 2.16 MB)
  • One-pager

    AI Innovation of Sweden – one-pager

    Published 20 January 2020

    Partner prospect for AI Innovation of Sweden.

    View (pdf 1.75 MB)
  • International ecosystems

    Published 19 December 2018

    An overview of relevant international AI ecosystems, relation to other Swedish initiatives and national


    View (pdf 1.26 MB)
  • Montreal Visit Report

    Published 19 December 2018

    This report is a result of a fact-finding visit to Montreal during November 5-7, 2018. During this visit we visited institutions of the ecosystem, incubators, startup companies, and large companies.


    View (pdf 99.89 KB)
  • Prospect - AI Innovation of Sweden

    Published 19 December 2018

    AI Innovation of Sweden is inviting companies and organisations to join as partners and founding partners. The purpose of this document is to provide an overview of the fundamental purpose and components of AI Innovation of Sweden, along with the role of its partners and founding partners.

    View (pdf 1.73 MB)
  • Data Factory

    Published 19 December 2018

    Description of the Data Factory, one of the identified cornerstones of AI Innovation of Sweden. The Data Factory has the overall objective to accelerate research and innovation by making data available in a uniquely enabling way.

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  • Martin Svensson

    Co-Director Operations

    martin [dot] svensson [at] ai [dot] se +46 (0)73-025 52 99
  • Johanna Bergman

    Head of Project Portfolio

    johanna [dot] bergman [at] ai [dot] se +46 (0)73 157 05 09