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Anders Ygeman, Minister for Energy and Digitalization, opens the doors to AI Innovation of Sweden’s first node in Gothenburg

Together with more than 40 founding partners from the private sector, public sector and academia, the national initiative AI Innovation of Sweden was launched in February 2019, with the opening of the first regional node and co-location in Gothenburg. 


Critical for Sweden not to fall behind in the field of AI

The Swedish government’s ambition is to be world-leading in taking advantage of the opportunities yielded by digitalization. This is also stated in the national strategy. But when it comes to artificial intelligence, we are trailing. The approach is based on an assessment of Sweden’s AI capabilities carried out by the innovation agency Vinnova,  identifying several problem areas. Prominent among the problem areas is a shortage of expertise in the field.

The Government’s goal is to make Sweden a leader in harnessing the opportunities that the use of AI can offer, with the aim of strengthening Sweden’s welfare and competitiveness.

From the ”National approach to artificial intelligence”,  May 2018.

The national center becomes a reality

During summer 2018, Lindholmen Science Park was assigned the task from Vinnova to conceptualize and build a model for a national center for AI-related research, innovation, and education. 

Building on hundreds of meetings and discussions within the private sector, public sectors, and academia, this work resulted in the AI Innovation of Sweden.

During spring 2019, the first regional node opened at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg. At the beginning of 2020, nodes in the Stockholm area, south, and north Sweden will be established.