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Our Story

AI Sweden was launched in February 2019 (under the former name AI Innovation of Sweden) together with more than 40 founding partners and with support of the Swedish government and the Swedish Innovation agency, Vinnova. 

It was becoming clear that Sweden was lagging behind in developing and using AI. Through a combination of dedicated individuals, a growing sense of urgency and political will, the Swedish center for artificial intelligence, AI Sweden, was launched. The approach was based on an assessment of Sweden’s AI capabilities carried out by the innovation agency Vinnova,  identifying several areas to address. Among the more important areas was a shortage of expertise in the field.

During the summer of 2018, Lindholmen Science Park was assigned the task from Vinnova to conceptualize and build a model for a national center for AI-related research, innovation, and education. 

Building on hundreds of meetings and discussions within the private sector, the public sector, and academia, this work resulted in AI Sweden.

Today we have grown to an organization of 35 employees gathering 80 partners. We have offices in in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lund, and Örebro. We have moved to having several hosts, adding Kista Science City, Mobile Heights, Örebro University. Shortly we will expand our presence to Luleå, Sundsvall, Skellefteå, Linköping and Karlskrona.