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AI in the service of the climate

AI in the service of the climate is a survey of Swedish expertise with an international perspective. The purpose is the use of AI to tackle climate change is to gain a better overview of the potential of AI to advance research about climate challenge.

The global climate crisis is becoming an increasingly urgent problem. We need to make extensive changes in order to avoid accelerating the climate emergency further as well as adapting our society to a changing climate.

A number of initiatives and pilot studies have indicated that AI can help us to manage several aspects of the climate challenge. For example by collecting and analysing large quantities of social, environmental and climate data in new ways. Sweden is a leading player in fields such as digitalisation and climate and environmental issues, and have the potential to play an important role. However, the initiatives relating to AI and the climate on a Swedish level have so far been limited.

About the project

This project will investigate ongoing and potential research in the field of AI and climate focusing on Sweden with an international outlook.

The survey will result in a report that gives an overview of the existing research milieus in Sweden and their potential for combining knowledge of AI and climate. The report will recommend concrete steps that Sweden can take to accelerate the process of using AI to tackle climate change.

The project is being run by The project is being run by AI SwedenStockholm Resilience Centre and RISE.  on behalf of Vinnova, Sweden’s innovation agency.  

Project plan

The project started in August 2020. The final report will be presented at the end of 2020.


Project partners: The project is being run by AI Sweden, Stockholm Resilience Centre and RISE. The project is funded by Vinnova

Project period: 202008-202012. 


If you want to take part in the survey, please contact Erik Wilson

Project Manager

Erik Wilson