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Masterclass: Leading organizations and teams that will be working with AI

7 May 2020 08:30 to 12:00
This masterclass, led by Kye Andersson at Peltarion, focuses on what the future requires of you as a leader for your AI-driven organization - fast, scalable and sustainable.

AI is becoming a key to the competitiveness and innovation capacity of international, leading organizations. Without a doubt, this will be the rule rather than the exception for most companies. What does an AI-driven future require of you as a leader?

On May 7, Leader Evolve will be holding a masterclass, where you will be able to focus on this critical future issue together with other business leaders from the business community. 


The Masterclass consists of theory and practice based on 15 years of experience working with AI in organizations in several different industries around the world.

The course will be led by Kye Andersson, member of the board of Swedish AI Council and Brand Manager and responsible for international relations at Peltarion. 

After the class you will have knowledge on how to work with your management team around AI roadmaps, what actions and decisions you need to take, and how to lead teams working with AI.

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Arranged by Leader Evolve and Peltarion.